When saving lives, toilets win.

No other invention has saved more lives than a toilet. And 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to one. By supporting the work of you are helping give people access to toilets, better health, safety and brighter futures.


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A widowed mother of four shares her powerful story about life without a toilet.

Jayamma's story

As a widowed mother of four, Jayamma’s path has not been easy. Yet despite her struggles, she continues to do all she can to make her life better and her family happy. When Jayamma welcomed into her home, she told us about what life was like before she had a private toilet.

She told us of the struggles she faced, and the endless doctor’s visits on which she had to spend most of her money. But Jayamma also told us about how much brighter her family’s future became once she sought out a WaterCredit loan and constructed a toilet in her home. Jayamma's dedication and dogged persistence is an inspiration, and a reminder of one of life's most powerful forces for change: the toilet. Your support of can help bring toilets to more people like Jayamma around the world. Learn more here.


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